My Tantric Pampering Ritual starts by setting the appropriate atmosphere, and could be seen as an ancient aromatherapy and massage session, where scented oils, rose petals, breathing, and massaging come all together.

I typically help you to undress and prepare for the massage and can start the session with a few breathing exercises, which will help you to relax. 
Various cleansing rituals and mediation are also often involved and I would massage your neck, shoulders, and temples while the Shiva is enjoying the warm water, aromatic scents, and the soft music.
The Tantric Pampering Ritual also often precedes the full body Sensual Tantric massage and is used as an interlude.



Sensual massage is designed to give you a taste of the experience of Tantra.t is more like a form of intimacy body worship, using relaxation breathing technique; slow begin to stroke and caress you all over, with the skill magic hands and attractive male body and male energy, you will relax into pleasure while being excited.
Sensual Massage is the process of stimulating all the senses in your body to create a sensual and sexual arousal. 
It involves caressing your body from back to front in a slow and meandering way in order to relax your body and encourage your sexual energy to begin flowing. This massage is aimed towards those who wish to explore alternatives to massage.
The massage ends very neatly with genital stimulation